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The goal of the EyeCodingForum in 2017 is to help every Eyecare clinic optimize compliance and maximize revenue. We offer Webinars, onsite training, audits, and compliance services to help you save both time and money while ensuring you’re not leaving any money on the table. 

Jan 26 2017: HIPAA for Eyecare
Feb 16 2017: The top 12 EMR mistakes every Eyecare Clinic Makes
Mar 23 2017: Reporting and Documenting Office visits
Apr 20 2017: Understanding how Medical Necessity impacts E & M level

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Subjects Covered in the Eye care, Ophthalmology/Optometry Seminar:

EyeCodingForum training includes how to code and bill for numerous services including the following:

Basic Eye Anatomy

Refraction (code 92015)

Interior Segment

Fundus Photography (92250)

Posterior Segment

Corneal Abrasion Codes (92071, 92072)

External Ocular Adnexa

Visual Field Exams 9208x

HPI Document

Ophthalmoscopy Extended (92225 & 92226)

CPT Concepts

OCT, GDX HRT 92132, 92133, 92134

Reading the CPT manual

External Ocular Photo 92285

Surgical Package

Spectra - 92286

Separate Procedures

Corneal Pachymetry – 76514

Unlisted Codes

Substitute Procedures (92018, 92019)

MODS 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 32  

Utilization Patterns for common procedures

MODS 50, 51, 52, 54, 55, 56, 58  

Simple Repairs and Foreign Body removal

MODS 73, 74, 78, 80, 81, 90

Overview ICD-10


Main Terms and Sub-terms

V Codes

Cross References – See, See Also, See Category

S Codes

Instructional Notes


Hypertension Table

Anatomical Modifiers

Specific 5th Digit Codes

E & M

Instructional Notes

New Versus Established Patient


Levels of service


Key Components

See Also, See Additional Codes


Case Study - Exudative senile macular degeneration

Chief Complaint

Coding for suspected conditions


Coding Diabetes


Diabetes Case Study

Levels of Exam


Medical Decision Making (MDM)

Late Effects

Levels of MDM

Injury Case Study

Eye Exam

Adverse Affects

Intermediate Exam – Required Components

Adverse Affects Case Study

Comprehensive Exam – Required Components

Billing and Insurance Overview

E & M Audit Form

NCCI Edits

Eye Exam Audit Form

Rejections versus Denials / EOBs

Medical Decision Making Table

What is PQRS

Sample Progress Notes – 15 examples

DME-MAC billing 

Personal, Family and Social History Forms

Diagnostic Procedures Billed separately (from the Eye Exams)

Unilateral versus Bilateral Document (Attachment)

Gonioscopy - 92020

Global Days Document – zero, 10 and 90 days

Serial Tonometry (92100)  


- Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, CPC-H, MBA