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Coding Compliance Plan can provide a complete, customized Coding Compliance for your organization either as an onsite consulting project or remotely. The final deliverable will be a comprehensive document that will outline your Coding Compliance plan, assign job responsibilities and setup a framework for periodic compliance audits. Call 901-517-1705 or contact us for a quote.

The Compliance Plan document is over 35 pages and will be customized to your specialty and clinic. Through a series of interviews (either onsite or remote) and a collection of basic information will assemble a workable and comprehensive Coding Compliance Plan. Included with the Plan will be:

Coding Compliance Plan Outline

1. Coding Compliance Program at [Insert Your Clinic Here]

I. Policy Statement
II. Code of Conduct
III. Methods of Distribution
IV. Coding Compliance Plan versus a Corporate Compliance Plan
2. Coding Compliance Officer (CCO):
I. Responsibilities:

II. Coding Compliance Team
3. Training and Education
4. Implementation and Scope (Processes)
I. Coding Process Controls
II. Periodic Documentation and Coding Audits
III. Minimum Documentation Requirements
IV. Coding/Provider Feedback
V. Internal Audits
VI. Identification Coding Compliance Responsibilities:
VII. The Coding Compliance Officer should determine how coders:
VIII. Periodic Review of Personnel Records for Compliance.
IX. Review a sample of coded material and verify that:
X. Compliance Is A Required Component Of Performance Evaluation.
5. Audit/Review of Coding
I. Formal Auditing and Monitoring.
II. Lines of Communication.
6. Corrective Procedures
I. Disciplinary Actions.
7. Correction of Identified Problems
  Appendix 1
Coding Guidelines
  Appendix 2
I. Outpatient Coding
II. E & M Coding
III. Surgical Coding
IV. OB Coding
V. Cardiology Coding
VI. Ophthalmology Coding
VII. Orthopedic Coding
  Appendix 3
I. Coding Resources.
  Appendix 4.
I. Forms
  Appendix 5 - Illegal Medical Acronyms
Appendix 6 - Training Plan Flowchart
Appendix 7 - Compliance Plan Flowchart

Interested? Contact me and I will e-mail you a one-page graphic illustration of my Coding Compliance Plan.

Call (901) 517-1705 or E-mail us today for a quotation.


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