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Medical Coding Quiz

Medical Anatomy 2  

Objective: Answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly. Click on Refresh or Reload to start Over. JavaScript required! 

1. Erythrocytes are:

White blood cells.
Red blood cells.
Benign tumor cells.
Also known as Leukocytes.

2. The superior vena cava is:

The major artery that supplies the trunk and legs with blood.
Located in the lower trunk of the body.
Located in the lower part of the neck..
Connected to the celiac trunk.

3. The common carotid artery is:

In the upper portion of the thigh.
Beneath the Medulla Oblongata
At the base of the neck.
Inside the Cerebellum

4. The carotid artery branches into the:

Internal carotid artery; the external carotid artery.
Supratrochlear, supertrochlear..
Inferior thoracic, superior thoracic.
  Common iliac artery, external iliac artery..

5. The integumentary system does NOT include the:


6. The right ventricle is the:

One of the primary heart valves.
Large lower cavity of the heart.
Left upper portion of the heart..
Right upper portion of the heart

7. The septum:

Divides the heart lengthwise into left and right. 
separates the right and left nasal cavity.
The thin wall which separates one alveolus from another.
All of the above.

8. The cervical lymph nodes are located:

Near the groin.
In the armpit.
Near the stomach.
In the neck. 

9. Inguinal means:

Near the heart.
In the groin area.
The region of the small intestines.
The lower leg.

10. Axillary lymph glands are located:
In the neck.
In the groin.
In the upper leg.
In the armpit.

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