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Medical Coding Quiz

Coding Concepts 1  

Objective: Answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly. Click on Refresh or Reload to start Over. JavaScript required! 

1. Volume 3 of ICD-10-CM is most useful to:

Inpatient hospital coders.
Volume three is only used for billing by nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors   ___and other non-physician providers.
Surgeons only. Primary Care physicians would have no use for it.
Physician-based reimbursement specialists.

2. An applicant for "reimbursement specialist" states on her resume " Coding and teaching Evaluation and Management (E & M) for 25 years:

Wow! Hire her immediately.
Tell her to take a hike. E & M coding was established in 1992.
That's impressive, since E & M coding was established in 1986.
It is obvious she was working in Europe, which has been using CPT and E & M for the last twenty years.

3. Which of the following is NOT a major section of CPT™? :


4. The guidelines for using the index of the CPT™ book tell you to begin with _______ first.

Organ or anatomical site.
Procedure or service.

5. Digital block anesthesia is a type of "regional" anesthesia.

That's True.
That's False.
True when anesthesia is applied to the patient's fingers.
It depends on which region of the USA the anesthesia is given.

6. If a physician documents in the patient's record the level of Medical Decision Making (MDM) as "straightforward", "low", "moderate" or "high" complexity, that is sufficient to warrant the appropriate level of decision making.

No, the documentation must support the level and complexity of the Medical Decision Making.
No, "straightforward" is not a valid level of MDM.
Yes, that will be sufficient.
Yes, but only if the Nature of the Presenting problem supports the level.

7. Which of the following modifiers are considered informational only (will not impact payment)?

All of the above.

8. What CPT™ codes are "exempt from modifier -51?"

Multiple Procedures 
Add-On Codes.
Separate procedures.
Surgery Codes.

9. CPT™ is the property of which organization?  

World Health Organization. 
It is not owned by anybody. It is public domain
American Medical Association. 

10. ICD-10 was originally developed:
By private insurance companies to track conditions and diseases.
By the World Health Organization to track morbidity and mortality statistics.
To assist Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies with a coding system for payment.
By the American Medical Association.

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