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 Medical Coding Quiz

Evaluation and Management 1  

Objective: Answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly. Click on Refresh or Reload to start Over. JavaScript required!

1. Which component below is NOT a part of Nature of the Presenting Problem?


2.  Which below is NOT a part of Past History?

 Occupational history. 
 Current medications.
 Prior hospitalizations.

3. Which below is NOT  part of the Review of Systems?

Allergic / Immunologic.

4. The proper way to list 90 minutes of critical care is:

99295, 99292.
99292, 99292, 99292
99291, 99175
99291, 99292

5. "Concurrent Care" is:

Similar services provided by one or more physicians on the same day.
When two surgeons operate on a patient at the same time.
When a patient is being treated for more than one condition, simultaneously (concurrently).
Services rendered by a physician to provide ongoing review and revision of a patient's plan of care which involves multidisciplinary or complex care modalities.

6. What are the three key E & M components?

History, Exam, Medical Decision Making.
Review of Systems, Nature of Presenting Problem, Exam.
History, Medical Decision Making, Review of Systems.
Time, counseling, Coordination of Care..

7. What are the four E & M "contributory factors"?

 Time, counseling, coordination of care, history. 
Time, counseling, coordination of care and nature of the presenting problem.
Exam, Counseling, coordination of care, and the nature of the presenting problem.
History, Exam, Medical Decision Making and Time.

8. What is NOT a descriptive component for emergency department levels of E & M services:

Nature of the Presenting Problem.
Coordination of care.

9. What is a major component differentiating between Past History and Social History?

Past History is anything that happened over 30 days ago.
Social History is anything that has to do with interaction with other people.
Past History is concerned only with the patient's past experiences with illnesses, injuries and treatments.
Occupational history is Past History; Current Employment is Social History.

10. "Face-to-Face" time includes:
Obtaining a history, performing an examination and counseling a patient.
Phone calls from the patient, performing an examination and counseling a patient.
Obtaining a history, office administrative time and  counseling a patient.
Meeting with the patient's family, phone time, office time.

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