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Medical Coding Quiz

 Insurance Questions 1  

Objective: Answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly. Click on Refresh or Reload to start Over. JavaScript required!

1. A Crossover Claim is:

When Medicare forwards electronically secondary claim information.
When a duplicate claim is sent and the same claim is returned for more information. (Essentially, the two claims are "crossing" in the mail). 
When a claim is sent that has more than one box "crossed out".
There is no such thing. You just made it up.

2.  The order of the procedures listed on the CMS-1500 form can impact:

 How long it takes for the claim to be paid.
 Whether or not you are audited by the OIG.
 Nothing. Order does not matter.

3. A valid "place of service" code in box 24b is:


4. Linking of ICD-10 Codes and CPT codes refers to:

The number in box 24E should correspond to the one diagnosis code in box 21 that supports the procedure (No A-L).
Refers to what CPT™ modifiers can be used.
In box 24E always link every ICD-10 code in box 21 with every CPT code in box 24D (e.g., A,B,C,D).
None of the above.

5. A "dirty" claim is:

One that has coffee stains or smudge marks.
One that has procedure codes that are not supported by the ICD-10 codes..
One that is missing required information.
It's a term used by Information Systems professionals to describe a claim that was not electronically transmitted properly and shows only garbage data.

6. An EOB is:

Explanation of Benefits.
End of Balance. 
Existing Observation Bound.
Examination of Benefits.

7. Which Carrier group always accepts all National HCPCS codes?

 Commercial Carriers.
Blue Cross / Blue Shield.
None of the above.

8. When a physician accepts "assignment" for a Medicare patient, the physician:

The provider will accept the allowed amount as payment in full.
Agrees to collect the payment from the patient.
Must collect the patient's co-pay up front.
Must charge 50%  or less of his customary fee.

9. Which service below is NOT covered by Part B Medicare?

Doctor's services.
Inpatient hospital care.
Outpatient hospital care.
Home health care.

10. Tricare provides health care benefits for: 
 The uniformed (armed) services and their dependents. 
 All government employees.
 All Blue Cross / Blue Shield enrollees.
 Medicaid enrollees.

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