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Medical Coding Quiz- Insurance 2
This is a matching quiz. Enter the letter in the box on the left.  Press tab to go to the next question.

Press the score button  at the bottom of the quiz to view your final score.

1. E & M

2. Simple Repair

3. Secondary Assurors

4. PCP

5. PPO

6. Par provider

7. Medicare Part B

8. Medicare Part A

9. IPA

10. EOB

a. A provider who is participating in the plan.

b.  A group of providers, who pool resources and contract with payers at a discounted fee-for-service or a capitated rate.

c. Provides coverage for physician and outpatient services.

d. Performed when the wound is superficial. This includes partial or full thickness damage to the skin and/or subcutaneous tissues. Deeper structures are not involved.

e. Key components are: history, examination and medical decision making.

f. The insurer that reimburses for benefits pending after the primary insurer has paid.

g. Coverage for hospital, nursing home, home health and inpatient care.

h. A plan contracting with providers to provide services on a discounted basis. Members must stay within the plan or pay a greater co-pay.

i. A statement mailed to both the patient and the provider explaining claim adjudication and payment.

j. Primary Care Physician

Your score: Percentage:           7 or more correct is passing. 

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