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Medical Coding Quiz

 Medical Modifiers 1  

Objective: answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly. Click on Refresh or Reload to start Over. JavaScript required! 

1. Modifier -54 should be used:

Whenever an operating microscope is used.
Whenever an unusually complicated procedure is performed.
Whenever a prolonged procedure is performed.
When the provider is performing the surgical procedure only and not the post-op care.

2. Modifier used when considerably more than is customary is performed during a given procedure.

None of the Above

3. Modifier -25 can also be reported as:

None of the Above

4. Modifier -50, Bilateral Procedure, is used when:

A CPT™ code is not specifically noted as bilateral in the CPT™ manual.
A unilateral procedure is performed on both right and left sides of the body.
There are two approaches to a surgery.
All of the above.

5. Modifier -51: 

Should always be used with "Add On" codes.
Is used to indicate reduced services.
Indicates a repeated procedure during the global period..
None of the above.

6. Modifiers T1 to T9 are:

CPT Level I modifiers.
Are used to denote Lumbar vertebrae. 
Are Level II modifiers to specify digits on each foot.
Are used to specify levels of complexity for anesthesia codes.

7. If a procedure is complicated by the late effects of a previous surgery, irradiation, infection or very low birth weight (and there is NOT a separate CPT code identifying these) :

 Use no modifier in this instance.
Use modifier -22.
Use modifier -57.
Use modifier -78.

8. Modifier 90 means:

Mandated service.
Reference outside laboratory.
Multiple modifiers

9. A laboratory test is rerun due to malfunction of the equipment. Use modifier:

No modifier should be used in this circumstance.

10. A laboratory test is rerun to confirm the initial results. Use modifier:
No modifier should be used in this circumstance.

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