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Medical Coding Quiz

CPT Coding Modifiers 2  

Objective: Answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly. Click on Refresh or Reload to start Over. JavaScript required! 

1. If general anesthesia is applied, modifier -23 should be used when your CPT™manual notes under the CPT™ code:

Procedure is performed under a general anesthesia.
Procedure is performed "without anesthesia."
Procedure "usually performed without anesthesia or under local anesthesia.".
Procedure performed under "alternative anesthesia methods.".

2. Which of the following would be incorrect?


3. Some CPT™ Codes are "Technical Service only". This means:

Only the "facility", most often a hospital, would bill for services (use of the equipment.)
To bill for professional fees you would need to add MOD-26.
You must always add MOD-TC (Technical Component) to the CPT™ Code.
None of the answers is correct.

4. Procedures that are appended with the "Mandated Services" modifier are:

Always paid at 80%.
Always paid at 100%.
Sometimes not paid by the insuror.
 Coded using 09957.

5. The -99 modifier means:

Mandated service.
Reference outside laboratory.
Multiple modifiers.

6. In EyeCare which below would not be an appropriate use of MOD-25 and an office visit on the same DOS?

Insertion of punctal plugs.
Cataract surgery.
Removal of a foreign body from the eye.

7. Which of the following modifiers are considered informational only (will not impact reimbursement)?

All of the above.

8. What the the percentage amounts allocated for MOD-54, MOD-55 and MOD-56, respectively?

33%, 33%, 33%
10%, 20%, 70%
70%, 20%, 10%
50%, 25%, 25%

9. Of the modifiers below, which would you consider the "opposite" of modifier -22, Increased procedural service?

Modifier -26.
Modifier -21.
Modifier -11.
Modifier -52.

10. The CPT™ modifier for "repeat clinical diagnostic laboratory tests" is:

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