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Medical Coding Quiz

CPT Coding Modifiers  3

Objective: Answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly. Click on Refresh or Reload to start Over. JavaScript required! 

1. Anesthesia-related modifiers include:

-23; -47.
-58; -59.
-32; -34.
-90; -91. 

2.  The modifier -RT and -LT are:

Right and Left.
Never used with MOD-50.
HCPCS modifiers.
All of the above are correct.

3. Which group of modifier below, are most likely NOT to be recognized by insurance carriers?

MOD-25, MOD-51 and MOD-82.
MOD-63, MOD-53, MOD-54, MOD-55, MOD-56.
MOD-26, MOD-50 and MOD-62
Insurance companies are required by the AMA to recognize all valid CPT™ modifiers.

4. Modifiers -54 and -55 most likely would be used.

Together, on the same claim.
In primary care.
By two different physicians, on separate claims.
 To indicate whether the operation was on the left or right side of the body.

5. Modifier -TC means: 

Terminal Case (patient is dying)
Use this only for the Interpretation and Report. 
Technical Component.
Time Code (This indicates the patient's heart stopped during the procedure)  

6. You can / cannot use modifiers on HCPCS codes.

You can.
You cannot.
You could before 2016 but no longer.
You can but for Medicare G codes only.

7. Adding modifier ____, Increased Services modifier, indicates "additional effort or time":

-22; It is only used when the procedure takes LESS time or effort.. 
-23; It will ensure that higher billing is warranted.
-23; Will ensure higher billing, only when a report is included..
-22; May still not be compensated at a higher rate, even with a report, if the carrier doesn't agree.

8. The modifier -23, ____________  (would / would not) be appropriate for the use of a ________:

Prolonged services; would; mid-wife.
Professional Component; would not; microvascular surgeon..
Unusual anesthesia, would not; accupuncture.
Surgical assistant; would ; nurse anesthetist. 

9. Modifier -24 should always be used with:

Surgical CPT codes.
E & M codes.
Anesthesia CPT codes.
Radiology codes.

10.   Modifier -25 is:
The unusual service modifier.
Used for the initial evaluation of a problem for which a procedure is performed.
Never used on E & M procedures.
None of the above.

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