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Medical Coding Quiz

Coding Modifiers 4  

Objective: answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly. Click on Refresh or Reload to start Over. JavaScript required! 

1. The complement to the "technical component" is the:


2. The use of modifier -26, ____________ is most often used by ___________:

Professional component only; radiologists.
Technical component only; neurosurgeons.
Consultative component only; cardiovascular surgeons.
Explanatory component only; Primary Care physicians. 

3. An extended, additional (2nd) opinion consultation required by an HMO, in an office, would be coded as:


4. There are ________ modifiers concerning anesthesia.

2; -73, -74
1; -47
3; -47, -48, -49.
None of the above answers are correct.

5. Which of the following are considered acceptable ways (to most carriers) of using modifier -50?

69300-RT,       69300-LT
69300-50      QTY 1 (on the CMS-1500 form)
69300,      69300-50
All of the above are acceptable.

6. When using modifier -51, it is recommended that:

-51 is used on all procedures for that section.
The RT or LT identifier be added as appropriate without a modifier.
The highest charge procedure be listed first
A report is included or you will not be reimbursed.

7. If a procedure is reduced or eliminated in part then use modifier:


8. If a patient elects to cancel a procedure before it takes place, then the use of modifier -53 would be appropriate:

That's True.
That's False.
Use it only if the patient discovers the physician is not licensed for that procedure. 
 It depends on the particular situation. There is not sufficient information.

9. If a physician wishes to charge a colleague or relative less than customary, then modifier -52, ___________ is the recommended modifier. Is this True?

"Professional Courtesy", Yes
"Reduced Service", No
"Family Discount", Yes.
No modifier is appropriate, No.

10.  This modifier, ________ ,  ______  is appended to the E & M code when the main focus of the visit is to recommend major surgery performed that day or the next day:
 25; Separately identifiable E & M provided on the same date as a surgical procedure. 
 57; Decision for Surgery.
 53; Decision for Surgery.
 57; Separately identifiable E & M provided on the same date as a surgical procedure. 

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