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Medical Coding Quiz

Medical Terminology 5 - General Terms


Objective: Answer 7 out of 10 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. Strabismus is commonly known as?

Cross eyes

2. The Hypoglossal nerve controls:

The facial muscles
The eye muscles
The muscles of the tongue

3. The Oculomotor nerve does NOT control:

Extrinsic eye muscles
Nasal cavity
Inferior rectus
Medial rectus

4. A fistula is:

An abnormal opening
A dark spot
An abrasion
An abnormal growth

5. Sebaceous glands:

Produce bile
Secrete sebum into the hair follicles
Are the leading cause of seborrhea
Are located next to the tonsils

6. An embolectomy is:

A disease of the liver
Swelling of a blood vessel in the brain
Surgical removal of an embolus or clot
The source of the Ebola virus

7. Dilation means:


8. Dacryocystitis is:

Abnormal condition of the eye caused by a fungus
Inflammation of the retina
Inflammation of the dacrotyniadroin
Inflammation of the tear (lacrimal) sac

9. The cochlea is :

Part of the middle ear
Semitransparent membrane that separates the external auditory meatus and the middle ear cavity.
The part of the ear that carries sound vibrations to the inner ear
Is snail shaped and contains the organ of hearing

10. The cervical vertebrae :

Is located at the base of the spine
Is the first set of seven bones, forming the neck.
Forms the inward curve of the spine
Contains the coccygeal vertebrae (coccyx)

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